World Heritage: Huangshan Dialogue releases documents on protected global sites

The 4th Huangshan Dialogue on the preservation of UNESCO-listed heritage sites is underway in the city of Huangshan in central China's Anhui Province. Zheng Yibing reports. 

This year's Huangshan Dialogue highlights the role of remote sensing and other digital technologies in the preservation of World Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves and Geoparks under the United Nations scientific and cultural agency, UNESCO.

QU XING UNESCO Deputy Director General "To help us in our efforts, we are using all the tools at our disposal, including the best technologies at hand."

This view is shared by other participants at the event.

GUO HUADONG Director, UNESCO Int'l Centre on Space Technologies for Natural & Cultural Heritage "We have increasingly realized their important role in identification, monitoring, evaluation, display, and management of heritage sites."

What's known as the "next 50 years" of the World Heritage Convention has begun for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage, so all relevant sides are joining hands.

SHAHBAZ KHAN Director, UNESCO Beijing "We are ready within UNESCO programs with the world heritage sites, more than 1,000 sites around the world."

WANG XINYUAN Deputy director, UNESCO Int'l Centre on Space Technologies for Natural & Cultural Heritage "We are now going to undertake what is called the full use of information technology for the whole chain of heritage protection."

Participants of the Dialogue said that they will look to the management of Huangshan as an example as it is a place that is designated a UNESCO-protected heritage site, biosphere reserve and geopark. 

ZHENG YIBING Huangshan, Anhui Province "The Dialogue encourages more heritage practitioners to improve scientific and technological innovation, and to work to sustainably develop heritage sites. Zheng Yibing, CGTN, in Huangshan, Anhui Province."